The Iron Horse Wears Down

Gehrig_lou_3On this day in 1939 Lou Gehrig, the legendary Iron Horse, voluntarily pulled himself out of the lineup at Tiger Stadium in Detroit after a string of 2,130 consecutive games. His replacement, Babe Dahlgren, had a home run and a double in a 22-2 victory over the Tigers. Did you know, in order to go to school in as many consecutive days as Lou Gehrig played for the Yankees, you would not be able to miss a day of school from Kindergarten through your high school graduation?

Not only was Lou Gehrig a great baseball player, but he was a great person as well. Click here to view the online thematic unit for integrating character education into the classroom, as we do with our educational program "Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse."

And of course the man who broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games streak, Cal Ripken Jr, will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 29, 2007 here in Cooperstown. To schedule an educational program about Lou Gehrig with the Hall of Fame’s Education Department, simply e-mail us or call 607.547.0347 today.

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