First female MLB umpire in almost 20 years

Ump_53912The Classroom was busy on Thursday and Friday, so this newsworthy item had to go untouched on this blog until today. Thursday night, umpire Ria Cortesio became the first woman since Pam Postema in 1989 to umpire a Major League exhibition game when she called the Cubs/Diamondbacks spring training game from first and third bases. Cortesio, currently a minor league umpire in the Double-A Southern League, is the only female umpire in professional baseball. "As soon as a spot opens up at Triple-A, it’s mine," Cortesio said.

You can learn about the womens’ struggle for equality in baseball with the Hall of Fame’s education program "Dirt on Their Skirts." Schedule a program by calling 607-547-0347 today!

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