Happy 50th Birthday, Paul Molitor!

Today, August 22, is Paul Molitor’s 50th birthday. The 7-time All Star from Minnesota was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004 with 85.18% of 506 total ballots. In order to gain election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, an eligible player (or manager, umpire, executive, or pioneer) must receive votes from 75% of all ballots, so how many votes did one need to earn election in 2004? (I’ll be quiet while you figure it out…) Scroll down to see the answer…


If you said "385 ballots," you’re….wrong! If you said "380 ballots," you’re absolutely correct. So if Molitor received a vote on 85.18% of all ballots, how many ballots were cast his way?

431, that’s right!

Working with percentages is just one of the aspects of the Hall of Fame’s Batter Up! mathematics module, suitable for grades 3-8 (and the module can be expanded to include high school groups as well). Batter Up examines how everyday mathematical concepts, such as addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, etc., apply to baseball and the real world; your students analyze baseball statistics and interpret data in terms of fundamental mathematic operations, and you will understand the application of baseball statistics and how they are calculated using basic mathematic principles.

If you’re interested in joining us either by videoconference or by coming to the museum for an on-site visit to participate in Batter Up, please call 607.547.0347, or just e-mail us!



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